Thursday, April 11, 2013


When we look at the industry and see ALL HIP HOP HELL, it was time for us to TAKE A STAND! So, we're now opening our show to those who will be the standard bearers for a new generation in Hip Hop specifically, but of course that does not leave out any of those in other genres.

 Living Legends such as Patti Labelle, McCoy Tyner, Chaka Khan, Charlie Wilson, James Taylor and so many others all have one thing in common....THEY STAYED TRUE TO THEMSELVES and TRUE TO THEIR ART!

So what if labels dropped them....so what if they went from stardom to obscurity and then back to stardom or near that again.  The point is that in music or in any form of entertainment the heart and soul of the artist who's delivering their talent to the people has to be at their BEST!  Their best means saying and doing exactly what they feel and not allowing anyone to encroach on their ability to grow and move beyond the thinking of labels, but to get to the fans what they love best.  Which opens another can of worms....Jay Z and LL Cool J.

Yet again we are at the crossroads of controversy in Art and Entertainment because of politics.  Need I remind us that as a fellow person in the industry and a citizen of a free Nation THERE ARE RULES.  Respect is the first one and what follows after that is a laundry list of do's and don'ts particularly being Black and in America.  First off, Jay Z did what was necessary to travel to Cuba! He saw a place, had a plan and took his family.  I don't know when's the last time politicians cared about what Black folks do anyway!  Oh yeah, I forgot....they actually do watch everything....Khalid Muhammad was talked about on the Senate floor; the new documentary, "Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners" tells of their direct spying; and let's not forget The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is still banned in places like Israel and the UK....So, what should that tell us? I'll let you think on that....

As for LL....what are you thinking bro? Only time will tell what this is about "Accidental Racist".  It's important to see that all that we, the fans and artists built in the early days of Hip Hop goes for nothing when we sit and say nothing or rather produce garbage just for money.  When we produce without believing that our art has an impact on the lives of those who listen then we do a grave disservice to those who really look to us to help shape today's current events.

I remember when HIP HOP was the sound of the streets talking.  We didn't have radio to help us or shows backed by corporate dollars.  What we had was each other.....Each one pulling the other up in the game.  Whether it was controversial or fun we still looked to polish our own act plus others in the game.  We were boro's against boro's , but we still had each other; we were city to city; shoulder to shoulder; back to back and then some.  There were B-Boys and B-Girls; MC's and DJ's who had nothing to lose, but everything to gain because we were the heart, soul, ears and voices that spoke into the pain of our loss in schools and homes across America.  We sought comfort in the mics, turntables, parties and dancing....when it was all said and done the handwriting was on the wall....


They saw an industry to take over and we just saw ourselves creating a way out of pain.  Whether financially, socially, psychologically or otherwise Hip Hop was a vehicle to take us places we never thought we'd go, but then we lost our souls in the process and claimed a victory that is now a nightmare.

Ok, ok, I know some of you are like, "DAMN! She's going at it", but when you love something or someone you work hard to save it.  Long hours whether you're broke or not because in the end you just might save it for the next generation.....Hip Hop We Love You and we want to preserve its authenticity for those who will come it take it higher....

So, to those who are in the industry that just see this as money....You and the money will soon depart from one another if your intentions are foul.  You can't create anything if your mind is destructive to the art because the fans will reject it sooner or later. 

To those on the destructive path you may have thought that you won, but the REAL FAM IS STANDING UP and TAKING NO SHORTS...you may have the studios on lock, but there's also social media; online radio; venues that won't book you and Oh! Those artists who you charge to get on the stage with you are going to start taking their business elsewhere.....So consider this an open call for REAL ARTISTS to be on the QMediaNation Show!

If you believe that you are a LEGEND IN THE MAKING this is what we need from you.....REAL MUSIC that is not about your sex organs, how many people whom you believe or have killed (except on the mic), Raw Talent that's also out there gaining attention and fans; YOU ACTUALLY SELL MUSIC and not just a Datpiff.com artist (still got love for you, but we want to see that you're making it beyond Datpiff); You can come on the show and tell what you're doing in your community to uplift and build and of course.....IF YOU REALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO THE PEOPLE!

Aight I'm outta here.....Peace

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Sunday, January 27, 2013


WOW! 2012 was a breakout year for alot of artists that came through the QMediaNation Online Studio to bless us with their talent and of course their time.  Chief among these talents was the fact that each showed their humility and openness during their interviews which made each segment a SUCCESS!  I can't say which segment was the best, but there definitely were some choice folks that came through and graced us with whatever they had to offer.

There was female boxer on the rise, Abby Castaneda; international artist, Jae Magic; along with ANGELZ INC, Big Lou, Ladi G, 4 Wheel City and soooo many others.  And while we were celebrating we also had a great loss in our independent community when talent great MONI RASHAD passed away.  Indeed her loss is touching us however her legacy and name will ring true in the QMedia family.

2012 was a year of great trial, but also triumph as we built even stronger ties with independent labels, management companies, film producers (which by the way made us hungry for HOUSTON), business leaders, club owners and the list goes on...we even grew to incorporate other services within our family to help all those who come to us see that they can grow nationally and internationally with the click of a tv remote and of course by way of the internet.

One such accomplishment was helping to get commercials for artists and small businesses on prime channels such as BET, MTV, MTV2, VH1, ESPN and others while maintaining affordability for doing so.  We sought to help artists and businesses realize the tremendous value of co-op advertising during primetime on these major stations in order to reap the benefit of working with us.

We developed a plan to help those with smaller budgets to get their products, projects, services and PSA's through various campaigns whether viral or through other standard methods.  Through it all the year ended quite well and we're off to an even better start for 2013!

Join us Friday, February 1 @ 8pm (EST) as we kick off a BRAND NEW SEASON with a whole lot more!
QMediaNation Radio Premiere

We'll also be discussing opportunities that lie beyond entertainment where you can invest for a better career....Again, thank you for being with us and we look forward to serving you in the coming year!

Bye for now and see you NEXT WEEK!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

PATIENCE...How Many In The Industry Will Build Instead of DESTROY...

It was 1991 and we were all set to sign on the dotted line for management when all of a sudden one of the industry's finest mentors made sure to read over the contract to see that we were selling ourselves short in the long run while gaining a hefty advance in the beginning. 

Ok, so here we are 21 years later and what seems to be a long journey really is not due to the fact that we would have made a vital mistake in our career by NOT PAYING ATTENTION! Never underestimate the power of a good team and doing your homework.  Back during college I began to understand the power of networking for the good of everyone...You see, by networking outside of class and forming study groups, we learned to depend on one another to give the best answer for the whole group so that we could all have a unified assignment done by the time class was in session.

If people actually learned this principle in defining their career we'd all be a closer to having the kind of industry that we want to see.  Of course many artists sell themselves to the highest bidder when in fact as a group we could drive the industry that WE BUILT in the direction where we want it to go.

So, my question to you during this 5th day of the KWANZAA SEASON is WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE WITH YOUR CAREER? Is it just to make a dollar  to meet your dream? Is it to change or improve on what has been done? Or is it just to make the road smoother for the people coming behind you?

Sure, many of us get in the industry to be the best, most innovative, creative, talked about, etc...But how many of us have the integrity not to compromise to the point where we shut the door of truth on those behind us who'll never know until they experience the many ups and downs of it.  How many of us will open the doors of opportunity for those who come behind us to learn HOW TO DEAL with this thing we love called THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY?

There is so much more to say on this, but I want to hear from you all because there is so much work to do.