After analyzing for the largest search engine in the world, Kathleen Cook moved to the automotive industry.  As the Internet Sales and Marketing Director for E-Z Way Auto Sales, Owner of Hustle Media Marketing, and friend to dealerships and vendors nationwide, Kathleen provides a unique approach to dealership marketing. A certified Hubspot Inbound Marketer, Facebook Blueprint Marketer, and Google certified Digital Specialist, Kathleen uses several industry-leading techniques to craft strong dealer strategy- both digitally and traditionally. As a mom of three, she is a strong advocate for remote working! Funny, witty, and passionate, Kathleen speaks about her experience as the first-ever flex employee for her dealership, successes (and struggles!) in team development, and what it is like to craft an automotive career around family. 

I'm obsessed with what I do. My favorite part is when a dealer calls to tell me they sold more cars... and I get to say "I know"

Kathleen Cook

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